2021 Decathlon

4:57:47 PM2021
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Baseball CWS is finally in Omaha, points post nightly
MLB sees the first 2pts hit for the Yankees at 51 wins!

The following points are being doled out regularly:
  • NHL will update nightly during the Finals

    Upcoming picks:
  • Wimbledon Jun24th eve

    Q from a Decathlon rookie:
    Can I change my picks? If so, How?
    Yes, you may change your picks at any point up until those picks lock. For example, if you want to change your NBA tiebreakers...
    ...choose Make Picks from the left menu,
    ...scroll to NBA and select it,
    ...update your picks and hit Save!

    You can submit, change and resubmit as often as you like up to the lock deadline.

    LATE PICKS: if you miss a deadline, email valid picks to sportsdecathlon@yahoo.com ASAP. Minimum penalty of 15pts per day (possibly more) will be assigned based on the timestamp of when we receive your email. You may not show in an event in which you receive a penalty.
  • Tribe: Braves/Raiders
    #   Team Soccer* PGA Tennis MLB NHL NBA* NCAA-F* NFL* Ovals NCAA Total
    1   Syosset Braves/Guardians 923 398 490 39 1224 1045 732 714 752 729 7046
    2   Sin City Raiders 931 365 590 34 975 875 617 619 722 692 6420
    3   CAGoldenSeals 904 318 400 34 1183 995 810 596 591 505 6336

    * Event is Completed