2019 Decathlon

2:45:05 PM2019
MLB, remember me?
MLB has finally started posting points. We'll update every 10 days or so thru the end of the season.

Wimbledon is coming to a close and the final points will post Sunday afternoon.

Points coming soon (no picks): British Open

Next picks: Football!

Completed: NBA, NHL, Triple Crown.

Q from a Decathlon rookie:
Can I change my picks? If so, How?
Yes, you may change your picks at any point up until those picks lock. For example, if you want to change your NBA tiebreakers...
...choose Make Picks from the left menu,
...scroll to NBA and select it,
...update your picks and hit Save!

You can submit, change and resubmit as often as you like up to the lock deadline.

LATE PICKS: if you miss a deadline, email valid picks to sportsdecathlon@yahoo.com ASAP. Minimum penalty of 15pts per day (possibly more) will be assigned based on the timestamp of when we receive your email.
Tribe: Mano v Mano
#   Team MLB NHL* PGA NBA* 10-S 3Crn* Vroom CFB NFL NCB Total
1   Well-Lived Coaching 108 713 303 607 221 455 400 0 0 0 2807
2   Nuckin Futs 1920 76 374 256 605 347 155 0 0 0 0 1813

* Event is Completed