2019 Team Summary: The Green Inferno

Captains: Josiah Lucas
Tribes: State of NC, Rookies
Event Question Selection(s) Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5 Cat 6 Total
Baseball Preseason Picks no answer
Baseball Total 0
Hockey NHL Playoff 1-Seeds no answer
NHL Playoff 2-Seeds no answer
NHL Playoff 3-Seeds no answer
NHL Playoff 4-seeds no answer
NHL Playoff At Large no answer
Stanley Cup Champion no answer
Stanley Cup Runner-Up no answer
Hockey Total 0
Golf PGA Golfers no answer
Golf Total 0
Professional Basketball NBA Playoff Teams no answer
NBA Playoff At-Large no answer
NBA Champ no answer
NBA Runner-Up no answer
Professional Basketball Total 0
Horse Racing Kentucky Derby no answer
Preakness no answer
Horse Racing Total 0
Penalties Late Picks no answer
Penalties Total 0

Total Pts: 0