2020 Decathlon

2:01:38 PM2020
A Busy Decathlon February
Champions League completes the first leg of knockouts

Also active in February:
  • NBA 2021 regular season will post points every 7-10 days
  • NHL 2021 regular season will post points every 7-10 days, too
  • English Premier League will post points each weekend unless they are on International Break

    And these events are on hiatus for now:
  • We re-pick and tee off the 2021 Majors with the Masters at its usual springtime
  • See you in the spring, College Sports
  • Baseball will resume with regular season picks in spring of 2021
  • Triple (ahem Quintuple) Crown is off until next summer!

    Q from a Decathlon rookie:
    Can I change my picks? If so, How?
    Yes, you may change your picks at any point up until those picks lock. For example, if you want to change your NBA tiebreakers...
    ...choose Make Picks from the left menu,
    ...scroll to NBA and select it,
    ...update your picks and hit Save!

    You can submit, change and resubmit as often as you like up to the lock deadline.

    LATE PICKS: if you miss a deadline, email valid picks to sportsdecathlon@yahoo.com ASAP. Minimum penalty of 15pts per day (possibly more) will be assigned based on the timestamp of when we receive your email.
  • Tribe: Nothing Better To Do
    #   Team MLB PGA NHL NBA Vroom 10-S 3Crn Soccer NFL* NCAA Total
    1   Sportwonks 529 330 302 360 593 455 130 739 831 90 4359
    2   EtAl 526 329 297 409 656 294 205 668 689 120 4193
    3   Handsy Docs 532 245 261 404 481 427 150 612 529 90 3731

    * Event is Completed