2018 Event Summary: Professional Football

Status: Locked


Q1: Preseason picks
New format for 2017! All NFL teams have been seeded according to Vegas odds.

Select eight teams totaling no more than 32 seed points.

Your eight teams will earn points as follows:
...7 pts for each win (8 for a playoff win)
..15 pts for a division title
..10 pts for a wildcard berth
..25 pts for a Super Bowl berth
..40 pts for a Super Bowl win

Picks lock 9/7 525p Pacific, before the first game

Q2: Playoffs
A total of 12 NFL teams make the playoffs - 6 in each conference. The teams are seeded as follows:
(1) Eagles
(2) Vikings
(3) Rams
(4) Saints
(5) Panthers
(6) Falcons
(1) Patriots
(2) Steelers
(3) Jaguars
(4) Chiefs
(5) Titans
(6) Bills

Pick 5 teams whose seeds add up to *at least* 16 points. Note that your 5 teams can be from any conference. For example, you could take the 1st seed from both conferences, the 2nd seed from one conference, and both 6th seeds, and your entry would be valid (1 + 1 + 2 + 6 + 6 = 16). Or, you could take the 1st through 4th and the 6th seed all from one conference, and that would be valid (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 16).

30 pts for every playoff win
10 bonus pts for each conference championship berth (2nd round win)
20 bonus pts for a Super Bowl berth
40 bonus pts for a Super Bowl win

Playoff Picks lock Sat Jan 6th (kickoff of the early game)


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