2018 Event Summary: College Basketball

Status: Locked


Part 1, Preseason Picks:
The top 100 teams for 2017/2018 have been seeded. Please select 10 teams which add up to no more than 32 seed points. Your ten teams will earn points as follows:
..2 pts for each regular season win*
..5 pts for a regular season conf championship**
..5 pts for a postseason conf championship
..5 pts for an NCAA tourney bid
..3 pts for each NCAA tourney win
..20 pts for an NCAA final four berth
..20 pts for an NCAA championship berth
..25 pts for an NCAA championship title

* A win is a preseason, regular season or conference tournament win. Postseason tournaments like the NIT don't count.

** Ties are broken by seeding in the conference tournaments.

If you wish to select a team which we did not load, just email sportsdecathlon@yahoo.com and we'll make it available at a cost of 0 seed points.

Picks Lock before the first games of 11/18, approximately 11a Pacific.

Part 2a, March Madness:
You will make a total of 16 picks, one from each seed pool (one 1-seed, one 2-seed, one 3-seed, etc all the way thru one 16-seed)

Each team will earn:
...7 pts per win PLUS the value of their seed
...10 pts for a 3-seed or greater upset
...15 pts for a Final Four berth
...20 pts for a Championship berth
...25 pts for an NCAA Championship

so a 1-seed would earn 8 pts per win, a 7-seed would earn 14 pts per win and a 14-seed would earn 21 pts per win.

10 over 7 is a 3-seed upset and would earn the bonus; 14 over 3 is an 11-seed upset and would earn the bonus; 9 over 8 is a 1-seed upset and would not earn the bonus. 13 over a 12 in the 2nd round is a 1-seed upset and would not earn the bonus.

Note about the play-in games. If you choose a play-in as your 11 or 16 seed, you get the winner of the play-in game. So if you choose Syracuse/ArizonaState, you get whichever team wins that game. No Part-2 (March Madness) points are awarded for the win in the play-in game and picks won't even have locked when those games are played.

All NCAA games, including the play-in games, will continue to accrue wins and bonuses for your Part-1 (pre-season) picks. Other postseason tournaments will NOT accrue wins for your pre-season picks (sorry NIT)

Picks will lock at the tip of the first game ~9a Pacific Thu 3/15

Part 2b Sweet Sixteen:
The sixteen remaining teams have been grouped by region, four teams per group. Select one team from each region. Note that teams are not seeded.

Points are as follows:
Chosen team advances to Final Four: 9 pts
Chosen team advances to Championship game: 12 pts
Chosen team wins Championship: 15 pts

A maximum of 75 pts can be earned from this set of picks.

Picks will lock at the tip of the first game ~4p Pacific Thu 3/22


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